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Our Key Services

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Business Coaching

Sharpen your entrepreneurial mindset, build effective business strategies and develop essential business skills such as strategic thinking, planning skills, performance management and organizational effectiveness.

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Career Coaching

Our career coach will be able to overcome feelings of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence due to career plateaus, job loss or other crisis in work life by inspiring you with strategies for re-training and advancement.

Go to Success Coaching

Success Coaching

Improve your financial state, aspire for your dream job, build better relationships, gain confidence, become more assertive, manage time and resources better and be the best version of you.

Go to Skills Workshops

Skills Workshops

Our workshops are designed to create awareness and provide tools to build competence on specific important skills. We offer assertive communication, influencing and relationship building and leadership workshops.

Achieve Your Desired Success

Empower yourself to achieve entrepreneurial or personal success and multiply your income.
  • Make value based decisions and increase return on investment.

  • Master self-leadership and become influential.

  • Build collaborative & long term relationships with a win-win approach.

  • Overcome personal blocks and limiting beliefs.

Our Team

Our coaches have over 15 year of experience in Coaching, Facilitation and Business Consulting.

Sheriff Thaver

Business Coach & Strategist
Sheriff is a coach and business strategist who is passionate about helping professionals and entrepreneurs succeed in achieving their personal and professional objectives.

Romana Zafar

Career Coach & Strategist
Romana is a career coach and strategist. She is a results-focused and energetic professional passionate about helping other professionals realize their career goals.


If you are looking at making strategic changes for yourself or your business contact us to book an appointment for a complimentary introduction session.

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