What are the 3 layers of a successful organization?

To create value and fulfill its promise an organization needs three well defined layers. Let’s explore, why all three are necessary to make sustained profits for the organization? Organizations that are built to last have three well defined layers. The top layer is the Strategic layer that clearly defines the direction of the company. This Read more about What are the 3 layers of a successful organization?[…]

25 Great Leadership Traits For Entrepreneurs

Leadership is not just a title. Leaders can be found at all levels of every organization. Some of these leaders are without executive titles and are the silent foundations and pillars of their companies. They inspire their colleagues and empower them to get things done, they foster the future and develop upcoming leaders. They often Read more about 25 Great Leadership Traits For Entrepreneurs[…]

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Coach

While considering coaching every entrepreneur wonders if it is a worthwhile investment to hire a business coach. Given below are some of the reason to consider business coaching. The role of a business coach involves a number of tasks including, encouraging, assisting, and motivating as well as guiding owners of small and medium sized businesses. Read more about Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Coach[…]

8 strategies for effective Decision Making

Whether we like it or not we are constantly making decisions. Some decisions are delegated to our powerful subconscious others remain the responsibility of the conscious mind. The quality of the decision determines the results, which in turn determine how successful we are in life. Since big decisions have a big impact on our lives Read more about 8 strategies for effective Decision Making[…]

Importance of Strategic Visioning

Creating a medium term (two to three years) strategic vision based on desire, strengths and values generate the following advantages: Allows us to prioritize the important areas of life and clarify what we intend to achieve in these areas: When you know where you want to be, it is easier to monitor progress in the six Read more about Importance of Strategic Visioning[…]