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Our workshops empower executives and entrepreneurs with critical leadership skills to achieve accelerated growth and results through team development and management.

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Our consultants understand your market and help you to accelerate your business growth, expand your markets geographically, increase your product portfolio and ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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We empower leaders to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Our entrepreneur coaching services enhance growth and profitability whether you run your own business or are a C-suite executive.

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Our coaches also specialize in career, executive, success coaching. A PwC and Associate Resource Centre Global Survey shows that ROI in coaching was 7 times the initial investment.

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Our entrepreneur coaches and leadership trainers are passionate about empowering enterprising companies & individuals achieve success through accelerated growth.

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Leaders are the driving force of an organization and are responsible for its growth and success. We are passionate about working with organizations that believe in empowering and continuously developing their leaders to their highest potential. Developing leaders includes empowering them to pursue their vision with confidence, make value based decisions and inspire their teams to align to the vision.

Our Clients' Experience

My Testimony is for Sheriff Thaver the one who works with wild and crazy entrepreneurs like myself. Someone asked me I if I think having a coach is needed or important for my business oh boy why did they ask me that I just could not stop rambling about how much structure this has brought to my business how amazing it has been for my team of agents coaching with Sheriff Thaver.
I have learned to implement deadlines. I have learned to plan far advance. Through my session with Sheriff, I have learned so many instrumental programs and attributes to effectively grow the business that I can go on forever. With the advice and guidance of Sheriff, I have implemented a weekly workshop for my agent and this has taken my business to a whole new level I have built better relationship With my team. I have learned to delegate delegate delegate this has made a huge impact on my life and my business on my relationships. I thank you very very much, Sheriff I look forward to telling people how Awesome your coaching has been for my life and my Business.
I Sincerely Thank you from the middle of my heart. With WorldWinn's entrepreneur coaches in my corner, my success has been inevitable.
Arica Bryan
Principal Mortgage Broker, Centum Regal Financial
Our mutual journey which started with our first formal session on July 30, 2015 and ended with last session on November 10, 2015, has been wonderful. It opened my eyes to certain behavioral patterns which required review and a lot of reflection on my part. I do very much appreciate what these sessions have done for me. These entrepreneur coaching sessions have helped me accomplish the following: Reflect on my past results; Review my habits; Revise my problem solving approaches; Reorient my habits and actions; Root analysis of my approach to entrepreneurial endeavors; Retract and Re-engage my entrepreneurial efforts Although it has been two months since our last session, I still feel the changes within me. I just wanted to say thanks you and express my gratitude to you.
Yoginder Jain​
Managing Partner, Exploration Corporation
I am thrilled to give a recommendation for Sheriff Thaver at Worldwinn. I have been an entrepreneur for 14 years and I’ve learned a lot through trial and error.
I knew that I needed a business coach to take my business to a new level but I could not find someone that I trusted to give me results. When I got to know Sheriff through BNI, I realized he was the right person to coach me to a new level of success. When I started working with Sheriff, my business exploded like it never has before. I found that I was focused, organized and had the right state of mind to succeed.
Sheriff challenges me and asks all the right questions. Although I consider myself to be driven and determined, I feel like he gives me that little bit extra to face my fears and go for it. He has helped me to grow on both a personal level and as a leader.
Recently, Sheriff facilitated a “culture to success” workshop for my staff to help us define our company culture and values. It was an amazing experience for all our staff. The staff truly engaged and enjoyed themselves and I feel like we came out of it stronger as a company and as a team. I overheard staff on Monday morning saying how much they enjoyed it.
He was a great facilitator and really helped us achieve some great outcomes. I am happy to recommend Sheriff as both a business coach and workshop facilitator. He is wise, insightful and really cares about making you a success!
Susie Beghin
Owner, Alpha Discovery Club
I approached Romana Zafar during a stressful job hunt in Toronto right after I had completed my Master’s degree. She was nothing short of incredible! Romana is a highly skilled and experienced career coach with tremendous Canadian market knowledge and came to my rescue at a time of great need. She offered her coaching talents at every stage of the process, from job applications and email communication to final round interviews and everything in between. Her expertise however, goes way beyond her coaching skills. Because of her in-depth knowledge and pulse of various industries in Canada, she has the innate ability to anticipate and be well prepared for future steps. Her attention to detail was unparalleled as well. Romana went above and beyond to assist me. She gave me a lot of quality time, patience and above all else, tremendous moral support. I had been seeking a job for several months without much luck, even with extensive experience in my industry, when she stepped in to help me out. It was one of the best decisions I have made, and I continue to recommend her to others who are in need of an excellent career coach.
Natasha Mody
Brand Design & Strategy , CBC Design Group
I am a wild, crazy and ambitious Entrepreneur and I am so very happy I invested in Sheriff's business coaching. I had a vision but felt stuck and not getting to where I wanted to be. He has helped take my business to a whole new level. He has provided me with the guidance I need so that I have a clear path to the goals that I strive to achieve in making my company more successful. I highly recommend him.

Tina Marie Singh
President, Lionsgate Design
The outcome of working with Sheriff has been extraordinary. He guided me through a very difficult time, followed up constantly to make sure I reach the goals and targets that have been defined. If you are confused and need someone to speak to I would highly recommend having a coffee with him to see the difference it makes instantly. He is organized and very knowledgeable on subjects and leverages academic methods to guide you through solving the problems we not realize we have and there are easy solutions for. I am blessed to have him as a friend.
Hakha Momeni
Co-founder, Nerasys

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