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5 Success Principles for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

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As a business coach, I have seen several entrepreneurs and solopreneurs succeed and grow massively to achieve their desired goals. To succeed, every entrepreneur has to realize and embody the principle of success. In this blog, I want to share some of the fundamental tenets of success.

1. Take 100 percent responsibility:

The first principle of success is that only one person is 100 percent responsible for my life, accomplishments, and failures – it is me! To succeed in life, we must first accept responsibility for our actions. We are accountable for our feelings, health, relationships, finances, etc. Because my thoughts and actions built my current life, I am fully responsible for what I have created. I can’t attain my goals or change my life unless I fully accept responsibility. To truly own our lives, we must quit blaming others. When we let go of blame, we take power back to create our future. We can do things differently and get the results we want with this power.
Using the accountability power and combining it with the proactive principle, we can create a life aligned to our true purpose and experience fulfillment and happiness.

2. Believe in yourself:

We can achieve anything our mind can imagine, so we must believe in ourselves. I must believe in my ability to build the abundant and prosperous life I seek. I have to believe in my abilities, skills, and inner resources. I need to know that I can achieve everything I set my mind to accomplish. I won’t try anything if I think it’s impossible to attain. If I believe I can achieve something, I will do everything in my power to do so. To succeed, I must abandon “I can’t.” So I give up any opposing ideas and words since they have a negative and limiting effect on my psyche.

3. Let go of fear:

Stop driving with your foot on the psychological brake. This brake represents our negative images about ourselves, inaccurate beliefs about reality, guilt and self-doubt. These limiting beliefs cancel out our good intentions, no matter how hard we try.
To be successful, we should release ourselves from the prison of limiting beliefs. These unfounded beliefs do not allow us to go out and reach our goals, so first, we must get out of our self-imposed prisons. Here are a few things a small business coach will recommend you do.
a) Be mindful of the self-talk that is putting on the psychological brake. Ask it to “STOP” and say, “This is not me.”

b) Create a compelling vision for yourself and that of the future that is free from all-consuming fear and doubt.

c) Be curious and look at every hurdle or problem as a challenge. Find a way to overcome any problem the limiting self may throw up.

4. Commit to continuous improvement:
Adopt the excellence paradigm and a growth mindset. Look at areas where you can improve to make significant changes in results. By applying the Pareto principle, one can achieve far more with the same effort. We must identify the areas that will give us the wins we are looking for to move closer to our compelling vision. To help in this endeavour, look for a business coach by using a search engine and searching for ‘business coaching near me.’
Once you have adopted the growth mindset, you need to be patient with yourself as it takes time to make progress. It won’t happen instantly, but if we are consistent and work on improving and learning a little bit every day, our abilities and knowledge will grow and provide superior results.

5.Take necessary action:

Many people waste time analyzing, preparing and organizing yet fail to act. Successful people also prepare and plan; however, they also execute on their plans. They are excited to get started as they can feel and taste success. Once we realize that success will come when we take action, we will act appropriately and follow our plans.

When we become action-oriented, we become successful because we learn from feedback and undesirable consequences we get from our actions (also known as failure). This knowledge can help us avoid undesirable results and march forward to achieve what our heart desires with this learning.
Successful people are empowered and committed to the success principles. We, too, can achieve what we want by embodying the five success principles.
If you said to yourself, “I knew all this,” I would encourage you to ask, “am I actually doing what I know are the right actions?



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