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60 Minutes To Achieve Your Objectives


I believe that the majority of people would agree that individuals who set objectives are more successful than those who do not.

Oftentimes, when we study time management, we focus on efficiency (doing things correctly) and assume that effectiveness (leadership) has been solved.

An effective management system should begin with goal setting, and as such, I employ the following 60-minute goal setting exercise with our clients.

As we are heading into a new year it is a good time to employ the exercise below.

1. Write “values” at the top of a blank piece of paper and then spend 10 to 15 minutes writing down everything your firm values as a culture.

2. Write “long-term goals” at the top of a blank piece of paper. There are no guidelines for this brainstorming session; simply create a list. This is the time to dream big. For instance, where in the world would you like to open your next offices; how much revenue would you like each new office to generate; what is the size of each team per. office; and what would you like to accomplish in the following 10 years collectively.

3. Once completed writing your goals for the following six months at the top of a blank sheet of paper. .

4. Then make a list of your goals for this year at the top of a blank sheet of paper. After completing the previous three steps, this step will be significantly easier than the others. These are the objectives that must be prioritized IMMEDIATELY.

This entire exercise will take about one hour. An hour spent defining your objectives can potentially save you hundreds of hours. One of the reasons this activity works so well for our clients is that it helps them focus on what is genuinely essential to achieving your business objectives.



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