Lisa Latorcai facilitates thought-provoking, interactive Training workshops and Team Coaching sessions to help organizations dig deep into the collective intelligence of their teams, creating more meaningful and innovative places to work.

Professional Life

The technology field, hospitality industry, and the federal government have all benefited from Lisa’s dynamic, enthusiastic style and customized work.  She has spoken at conferences and is the founder of a Consultant Networking Group for like-minded entrepreneurs.  More recently, Lisa’s unique facilitation style has been well-received in the virtual world.

Lisa believes in the profound impact that all leaders can have when they build mutually respectful relationships with their team members, and weaves it through every aspect of her work.  The values she lives by – inclusiveness, integrity, and empowering others to be the best versions of their chosen selves – drive her to help companies build strong teams that make good decisions, don’t take things personally, and knock their results out of the park!

Facilitation Style

Lisa believes in meeting each participant where they are and working with their unique perspective and desired outcomes.  She loves to present thought-provoking content and support her learners to process it in the way that best serves them.  Her style is flexible and balanced.  She has an uncanny ability to see multiple sides of any issue and encourages learners to stretch their view of what others experience in order for they, themselves, to grow.   Lisa loves to create a rich experience in every organization she touches and her level of support naturally guides each learner to get to the root of what will truly move the needle to reach their outcomes.


Lisa holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Economics, complemented by a major in Psychology.  Her education also includes a Diploma in Adult Education and she is certified in Choice Theory Psychology/Reality Therapy (CT/RT) by the William Glasser Institute.

Personal Touch

Complementing her chosen career, Lisa is a life-long learner, yogi, and mother of four charming young adults that she continues to learn from every single day.

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