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Nelson Mandela once declared, I am the master of my fate and captain of my destiny. He went on to lead one of the most significant events in history. Was he really the architect of his and South Africa’s destiny or did destiny choose him to be the ‘one’? We may never know the truth unless we have a view into an alternate reality where Nelson Mandela lived a regular life because he could not bring himself to believe that he could define his destiny.

Regardless of what is the truth, for those who believe in shaping their own destiny, here are a few useful tips that would go a long way in creating a powerful and fulfilling life.

  1. Clarify your values: People, things and attributes that are valuable to us become our values. Identifying values which are truly important to us and prioritizing them help us calibrate our internal compass, could guides us through the ups and downs of life, keeping us on course to the destiny we want to fulfill.
  2. Create a strategic vision: A strategic vision with a two to three year time frame allows a person to clearly visualize themselves at the end of that period, thus making the vision realistic rather than fictional. Ensure you align your strategic vision to your values, because lack of alignment will create a conflict within, eventually leading to dissatisfaction and being burnt out.
  3. Build a ladder by creating small achievable goals: Small goals get us moving in the desired direction. Every achievement provides the necessary fuel needed to motivate us and provides momentum required to achieve seemingly impossible outcome.
  4. Take charge of your life: Taking command and leading our lives is the foundation of living our life according to free will. Taking charge also means taking responsibility for figuring out how best to deal with events and situations that come our way so that we get optimal results. Seeking feedback from the results our decisions and actions bring, owning the feedback to learn and evolving to take better decisions in the future will ultimately help in achieving our desired destination.
  5. Use your resources wisely: We do have many valuable resources handed to us from the time we are born. These include our marvelous body; invaluable time on earth and external resources both life sustaining and capital. Appreciating the importance of these resources and utilizing them as per our values, propels us in the direction of our life’s purpose, creating success with happiness.
  6. Make the subconscious your ally: By synchronizing the conscious with our subconscious we can tap into great resources. The sooner we figure out how to create synergy between the two minds the sooner we will be able to operate at optimal levels with astounding abilities, contributing greatly to the future we want to create for ourselves.
  7. Manage the emotional self: Our emotions greatly determine our behaviour, our decisions and our motivation. Getting them right will vastly improve our probabilities of succeeding in performing well in our day to day activities and any special initiatives we may take to reach your goals.
  8. Make effective decisions: the decisions we make are a result of the data we access from the subconscious and from the environment. Accessing unfiltered data from the environment and uncontaminated or altered data from the subconscious could be challenging and may require regulation of our paradigms, prejudices and healthy emotional health. Besides ensuring quality data it is also essential to ensure we follow a process which examines the data with qualified and adequate criteria, before making a decision.
  9. Identify and increase your area of brilliance: All humans have areas of brilliance that is born out of passion and the need to create. Identifying these areas and infusing skills into them would result in brilliance that could be leveraged to forge our own destiny.
  10. Create strong relationships: Strong relationships not only provide support in the external world but are also comforting in crucial times. It is also a beneficial factor for the emotional mind and healthy life. Research has shown that people with strong relationships are healthier and live longer. Investing in strong relations is a great way to utilize our resources, as the returns are priceless.

The above tips will help you drive your own agenda in life and if followed consistently will go a long way in achieving your desired destiny.



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