Why change1

It is always time for change: Our body and our environment are constantly changing. The question really is do we want our minds to lead the change, follow it or be dragged by the elements of change.

  1. Change a friend or foe: How you perceive change determine how you feel about change. Many view change as a positive agent offering them an opportunity to reach their aspiration and goals, whereas others view change as a storm that will sweep them out of their comfort zone and make them vulnerable to the unknown. The former navigate the waves of change to reach their destination, whereas the latter hold tight to their past only to be swept away by the building forces of change, not knowing where they are heading , or even caring where they are going because they continue to be preoccupied with what got snatched away from them, their past.
  2. Prepare for change: Since change is inevitable, it makes sense to prepare for it. Creating a vision helps anchor the future and helps navigate the waves of change to reach a desired destination. Creating effective habits and competence gives us personal strength and makes us adapt in going with the flow of change. Also utilizing resources effectively to manage the challenges and opportunities brought about by change keeps us in charge and allows us to master change and become the architect of our destiny.
  3. Be flexible but maintain form: Being flexible allows us to steer our way through the twist and turns, sway like the bamboo in a storm but not break and fall apart. We need determination and flexibility because change does bring a lot of unknown and a few surprises that are humanly impossible to predict. However flexibility will allow us to use the change forces to further our cause and reach our desired goals.
  4. Change an opportunity: Every change ushers in a new situations, experiences and learning. Perceiving change as an opportunity allows us to prepare for change, enthusiastically embrace it and learn from it rather than shy away from it, shut our eyes and wait for it to pass. Every change is an opportunity to gain something we need and let go of baggage that we no longer require.

Since change is a constant, it makes perfect sense to adopt it as a way of life and leverage the power to propel us towards our goals and aspirations.



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